Kish Gas (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria


150 Voorhamer St, Silvertondale , Pretoria




South Africa

+27127716411 / +27128041003
+2772 770 3819
Fax No.:  

  086 672 8038



Kish Gas (Pty) Ltd, was founded in 1999 with the objective to provide fuel, gas, lubricants and diesel to indi...View more

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About us

COMPANY OBJECTIVE: To create employment; To provide quality products and cost effective prices; To create a skills development and training program through mentorship and enhance technical know how To have sustainable growth; To provide professional services; Cost savings; Prevent stock damage; Punctual deliveries; Create the most productive delivery schedules; Present staff to customers that is professional and client focused;


Products & Services

Our products addresses a vital part of the individual and various organizations requirements therefore we ensure that we remain competitive offering products and services that adds value to people and organizations through cost effectiveness, comprehensive delivery networks, quality service and consistent and rapid support. The company operates its main business operation from Paraffin; Jet A1, JP 54 Diesel; HFO, Mazut Petrol; LP Gas; LNG Lubricants such as: SAE 30, 40, 20W50 and a wide range of hydraulic and other automotive oils; Auto gas such as conversion of fuel driven cars to gas; LP Gas equipment and accessories i.e. (Bulk Tanks, Pumps Motors etc…) LP Gas bulk tank installations for the food and industrial industry; Import& Export (Export of Fuel, Gas,Lubricants and Bulk Tanks etc… into African countries); We aim to change local markets, create access to information that involves products, strategies, emerging markets and market trends around our products and services offering customers an innovative approach to the present and future market changes of the industry we operate within.


Postal Address & PO Box No

PO Box No : 25083
Monument Park, 0105, South Africa



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