Babbelbekkies Kleurterklassie Die in Magalieskruin, Pretoria


422 pelargoniumwg, 0182 , Magalieskruin , Pretoria




South Africa

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Children of all ages learn from everything they do in every day life. They are naturally curious and love to e...View more

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Children of all ages learn from everything they do in every day life. They are naturally curious and love to explore new things like texture taste and discovering new ways to play and expand their playful sides. If their explorations bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more. Children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime in their early years . Children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during these years will be creative, adventurous learners throughout their lives. Children who do not receive this sort of support and interaction are likely to have a much different attitude about learning later in life. Encouraging them to use their imaginations is also the best way to teach them how to be creative in any learning materials provided to them. Newborn babies are born with a tremendous amount of intrinsic motivation. This motivation is aimed toward having some visible effect on the environment. When babies can actually see the results of their actions as a reward, they are motivated to continue those actions. These attempts toward control are limited within the young child, and include crying, vocalizations, facial expressions and small body movements. Toys that change or make sound as the child moves them are therefore strong motivators. As babies grow and continue to mature, more voluntary, purposeful movements are possible. This gives them more control of their environment. This wider range of control allows children to feel that they are successful. Success leads to higher self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, which leads to strengthened motivation. As children continue to develop during this time period, they are better able to make decisions and plan what to do to gain control of things around them. They are beginning to set their own goals for activities. This success is not based upon adult standards, but totally upon the child's ability to accomplish the goals that he has set out for himself. By two years of age, children are developing the ability to execute a sequence of events in order to achieve a goal. They also have an appreciation for standards and begin to evaluate their efforts. By three years of age, children become interested in doing things well, as opposed to just doing them. They have an idea of various levels of competency in performance and judge their success by their own internal standards. Therefore they have much less need for adult feedback about the quality of their efforts.


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Caroline Van Niekerk Posted On 19-Nov-2014

Please give me you rates per month and do you have after care and busses that goes to Stephanus Roos and what is the all the fee's please.Let me know Urgenlty please.

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